A visual account of everyday life at uni.

I thought I’d better give a decent and DETAILED update to my adventures at uni, and this will come in time. But for now I thought that a succinct run down of my everyday activities might help to relieve stress some may have about my new situation. I’ve decided on a little picture gallery, illustrating the major goings on of my days.

Here is my room, and a decent room it is.

Here is me, being generally satisfied with life in my little abode, unaware of the big scary world. I am inviting you to view the most interesting part of my room, the SHELVES! But please, contain your outward excitement, things can only get more enticing.

"Ooh, what in the world could this be?"

In this slide our heroine discovers something sinister on her impeccably tidy desk. This evil being is commonly referred to as STUDY. STUDY is something that collegians are expected to do every now and then, and regular battles with the minions help to keep the arch villains away.  This is no ordinary battle, but a battle of skill and cunning, as depicted here:

'The thinking woman', a common and useful defence.

Using her wits, the protagonist (me) duels ferociously with up to four subjects at a time! Have no fear, though ’tis a bloody battle, the glory to be found at the end is surely worth it. Aye, mead and wenches for all! (If you lika da wenches – me no really lika da wenches – me lika da….. da……. menches.)










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2 responses to “A visual account of everyday life at uni.

  1. You’re mad, but the best are.

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