Party hats and wannabes

It’s still about unicorns, promise.

Just had a thought, and realised that I’m not the first to discover this. There are actually people who have horns just like unicorns.

Hopefully not a reader's grand momma.

Apart for some small differences, this is strong evidence that there are some humans who carry the unicorn gene, which is known as rainbowhornhead, or RHH for short.

Mostly when people have horns though, they like to hide them in an attempt to ward off suspicion which may lead to scientific testing. Common ways of hiding horns are party hats, pony/fro-nytails and acoubras (?).

A neat hat trick

This process leads people to believe they are looking at a horse with a party hat, and not a magical, rainbow-and-baby-eating unicorn. It works in a similar way for people, just without the hoofs.

Ever noticed that some cowboys never seem to take off their acoubras? Coincidence? I think not. More likely they don’t want you to know that underneath that cowboy head attachment, there is not only horrendous hat hair, but a horn as well.

These new developments lead me to believe that I have both an amazingly penetrating genius, and far too much spare time.

I’ll leave these with you to ponder for now,

Golly That’s Amazing!


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