In advance

In the hope that I don’t ruin your year by heightening your expectations for this blog, allow me to explain. I fully intend to be one of those annoying space-fillers who waste good internet by not only blogging rubbish, but not posting at all. I apologise in advance. I would have most likely put out four posts in a twelvemonth – all of them containing apologies of not posting more often – along with useless and boring dribble about what I’ve been up to. But I know you won’t care about any of that. More likely you’re picturing stabbing me repeatedly in the face with a used toilet brush for being so gosh darned annoying.

That would indeed make my blog the worst waste of space on the internet – so to save you the trouble of reading trash I will apologise in advance, and hope I don’t live to give validation to the complete tragedy that I have described.

Regards, K.

Golly That’s Amazing!


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